Brewer Street, Soho
Brewer Street, Soho. January 2010.
January, 2010
Savernake Forest
Savernake Forest, Wiltshire
March, 2017
Clapham Common
Morning commute, Clapham Common
November, 2010
São Bento, Porto
São Bento railway station, Porto
May, 2022
Tokyo Radio Depato
Radio component mall, Akihabara, Tokyo
January, 2011
Robots playing chess
Robots playing chess. Barking, East London 2008
February, 2008
The Bishop's Palace Gardens
Gardens at The Bishop's Palace, Wells.
July, 2022
Self-portrait, October 2022
Bey Barbers
Barber Shop Signage, Shrewsbury
April, 2022
St Philips Causeway
Figure on the causeway
February, 2016
New Brunswick Live Music
Acoustic sounds in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
September, 2013
Merc in the gallery car park
August, 2022
Mumbai Market
Mumbia, India. December 2012
December, 2012
Summer hosepipe
Summer hosepipe
August, 2022
North Wootton Village Hall
Land Rover Defender, North Wootton
August, 2022
Upfest Seagul
Seagul with Thatchers Gold, Upfest Bristol.
May, 2022
Wells High Street
Wells Life
June, 2022